Monday, January 11, 2010

Logos Hope 2010

We are having a fantastic time onboard the Logos Hope!

We are living in an 8x8 cabin with two small cupboards that serve as closets, a sink, a small table, two chairs, and a bed - we haven't taken a picture yet, but we will! Toilets and showers are shared, and there is a large common dining area on one of the upper decks.

There are so many facets to the ship ministry, and as a part of a vision team, we get to see a different piece of it every day. On Saturday, I worked in the "International Cafe," which all of the visitors to the ship come through after they go through the book shop. I talked to people and bussed tables a little bit, then I painted faces in the children's area all afternoon. Austin worked in the book store that first day, welcoming people to the book fair and helping them find what they're looking for and some time running the welcome video in the "Lifeboat Theater."

Sunday after church, Austin worked in the book hold pricing the books that have yet to go into the book fair, and I worked in the actual book fair, doing what he did on Saturday. Tomorrow, I'm going to be an "Angel" (which is Logos Hope language for housekeeping), and Austin is going into town to visit patients in a local hospital.

The rest of the week we will each have a day in the engine room (eek!) - Austin has two days there, I have a day in the galley (kitchen), Austin has a day in the International Cafe, and I have my day in the community, but I don't have my assignment for that, yet :)

Thanks for your continuing prayers and support allowing us to serve the Lord throughout the world!


Austin & Katy Van Wyk

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  1. That sounds like the most wonderful mission trip ever. Makes me miss my mission trip days! :D I hope to get to go on one in the next couple of years!