Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Morning Prayer Requests (April 21)

Guten Tag!

As many of you have heard there is a large cloud of volcanic ash hanging over Europe. It has suspended all air travel for 6 days, and we are scheduled to fly out of Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday. Wycliffe Bible Translators is expecting us in Abancay, Peru on April 23rd to assist with the construction of a translation center. Our concern is that if our flight is cancelled we will be pushed to the end of a 7 million person line. Please pray that the skies will clear and we will be allowed to fly.

On a praise note, Thursday will also mark the end of our 3-month commitment with Military Community Youth Ministry. It is bittersweet to leave as we have built relationships with adults and youth to last a lifetime. The Lord has been at work in our time throughout Europe, and we have seen his hand on our ministry. We have seen dozens of lives changed by the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank God for letting us be a part of what he is doing throughout the World!

Please continue to pray for our financial needs to be met, and prayerfully consider your participation in supporting us financially. If you feel led to become a part of our financial support team please follow the link below.

Austin & Katy Van Wyk
Burden Bearers International
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