Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prayer Requests

(10/18/09) Just listed the pop-up on Craigs List! Please pray that it sells quickly! ~*~ (10/25/09) Our buyer picked up the pop-up today! It was listed for less than a week! God is so good!

(10/16/09) That God would continue to present opportunities for service and direct us to where we will be most effective.

(10/16/09) Preparation for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually for hard but very rewarding work.

(10/16/09) Wrapping up the details of our lives here in Iowa so that we will be ready to leave in January!

(10/16/09) Pray that we would find a good home for our dog, Diddy ~*~ (10/19/09) Praise the Lord, our sweet friends Michael and Lora have offered to give Diddy a new home, with lots of "brothers and sisters" :)

(10/16/09) That our house will be DONE by the first week of November!


  1. Are you planning to sell or rent your home?

  2. we are hoping to sell the house, but are unsure if we have time to get everything moved out before we leave for the January leg of our trip, or if we should wait until summer